Our Mission

Our Mission in Hope Center’s Youth Ministries is to “make disciples that make disciples.” Being a disciple involves having a growing relationship with Jesus, being invested in Christ-centered community, and reaching out to the “un-churched.” All of our youth ministry events and programs come back to those basic elements of being a disciple of Jesus. 

In our Junior High Ministry Impact, our hope is that when your student comes on a Sunday or Wednesday that they will “Experience Home” and “Encounter Jesus.” Impact strives to be a place that anyone can call home and feel comfortable. It’s in a supportive environment where students can better understand who God created them to be. Impact also is a place where students can encounter Jesus, for the first time or for the five thousandth time. Jesus is the center of all that we do.

Small Group Leaders

6th Grade Boys – Tim Loux and James Schmalle

7th & 8th Grade Boys – Ethan Dale and Jared Martin

6th & 7th Grade Girls – Laura Chellew and Cathy Lackore

8th Grade Girls – Kristin Karlsrud


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